Rollow Jiu Jitsu Martial Arts Academy

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North Tower, Huale Building, 57 Huale Road, Yuexiu District 510056 Guangzhou, China

About the School

After training for 4 years Vinz Wong started Rollow Jiu Jitsu in Guangzhou, China in 2017. It was initially created as a place for him and his friends to train but as word got out more and more people came and he started to hold official classes. By 2018 the gym had grown and today they have over 50 students (mostly by word of mouth)! It was also at this time Vinz made the decision to join the Caio Terra Association. Although there were a lot of choices he felt that the family culture and the beliefs of Professor Caio were in line with his own and his academy.

Rollow Jiu Jitsu is the first Caio Terra Affiliate in Asia! With the belief that Jiu Jitsu is for everyone, EVERYONE is always welcome at Rollow Jiu Jitsu!