COSTA JIU JITSU Martial Arts Academy



Costa Jiu-Jitsu, Texas Street, Fairfield, CA, USA

About the School

Fernando Costa began training Jiu Jitsu in 2004 in Oakland, CA. Initially, Fernando began training Jiu Jitsu to have a hobby and keep in shape as he has always been involved in sports. Jiu Jitsu quickly became a passion for him, especially the philosophy “skill over strength.” Fernando moved to Brazil for a year to study Jiu Jitsu and to learn their culture. He has taught both kids and adults for ten years now. Fernando received his black belt in March of 2016 while on a Jiu Jitsu training camp in Brazil. In 2017 Fernando joined the Caio Terra Association and is directly under ADCC Champion Yuri Simoes.

At Costa Jiu Jitsu they offer many different programs for men, women, and children of all ability and skill levels. To learn more about their amazing gym, please visit COSTA JIU JITSU WEBSITE!