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CTA Woodland

Posted by: admin | On: 18th Jun, 2017 | California, Jiu Jitsu News

“CTA Woodland is the vision and dream of Jaime Villar. Him and his family who all train and teach, have been working for over a year to make it happen and now it is a reality! Nothing makes me happier to see the success of my friends. CONGRATULATIONS Jaime, dreams do come true. Work hard, never give up and always get better. Tomorrow will be amazing because of the work you do today!” ~ Professor Caio Terra

CTA Woodland offers classes for men, women and children of all exprience levels. Whether your goal is to be a world champion, to get in shape or to learn self defense we have a program for everyone.

With youth programs starting for children ages 4+ we offer a wide vareity of classes for everyone’s need. If you are ever in the Woodland area, we humbly invite you to stop on by, you’ll be glad you did!