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Caio Terra Academy Madison

Posted by: admin | On: 20th Jun, 2017 | Jiu Jitsu News, Wisconsin

The Caio Terra Academy, Madison, Wisconsin was founded by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Jon Hinds, owner and creator of the world famous monkey bar gym. Located inside the gym,  Caio Terra Academy Madison’s head instructor is now Daniel Jordan Wilson (Jordan). Jordan has a diverse background and has been training and teaching Jiu Jitsu on and off for over 14 years!

With programs for men, women, children specializing in Caio Terra Jiu Jitsu we humbly invite you to come check it out and see all they have to offer. Whether you have extensive experience or never been on the mat in your life, you will find a family friendly, professional academy ready to help you achieve your fitness goals.
To find out more about their amazing programs please check out there website! HERE