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Posted by: admin | On: 25th Feb, 2017 | Jiu Jitsu News

In 2012 I started the Caio Terra BJJ association and it has been an amazing journey. When we started we had many goals but our guiding principle was that through Jiu Jitsu we would change lives and make the world a better place. I still believe that to this day and am extremely grateful that others feel the same way.

When going through the selection process we look for certain qualities that reflect and match our mission. It is monumentally important that our BJJ association is good fit for the person applying and they are a good fit for us! Caio Terra Association members are truly like a family and because a new affiliate will be part of the family in our process I include an affiliate question and answer. This is so our current affiliates get to meet the potential members and have input into who joins.

In addition we know that any time some one joins a new bjj association it is a huge commitment for the school owner. Not only do they trust their students future with me, in a lot of cases they trust their families future as well. I take this very serious so we have implemented programs to help with the Jiu Jitsu aspects as well as the business side of gym management.

There are a lot of bjj associations out there and some are better then others. Each has their own specific goals as well as their own strengths and weaknesses. For those who have chosen CTA, THANK YOU, it truly means a lot to me! 2017 is just beginning and I am excited every day I wake up!