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The Summit Martial Arts

The Summit Martial Arts – A Life-Changing Place Your Whole Family Will Love!

The Summit Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to providing the absolute best life-changing martial arts programs for people in and around Oklahoma City. If you’re ready to Set the Goal… we’re ready to help you Reach the Goal!

A Variety of Classes for You and Your Whole Family. There’s TaeKwonDo for your kids and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Martial Arts and Kickboxing for adults. Don’t worry at all about whether you’ll fit in or be able to “do it” because we’re here to tell you, you absolutely can! It doesn’t matter what age, shape or size you are or what your current fitness level is because we’ll train you at your level and meet your specific needs and goals.

Are you looking for something to help your child focus, adjust to life changes or develop life skills that will enable them to be successful in school and in life? We guarantee that you and your kids will LOVE what all the kicking, punching and striking does for their body, mind and spirit! In the very first class, they’ll get…

  • A lot of physical and mental activity
  • A boost in confidence & bully-proof skills
  • Tremendous focus, self-control and discipline skills
  • A lot more flexible, quick & coordinated
  • New friends, fun times and big smiles

People choose to train at The Summit because structure and organization are two pillars of success in teaching. That’s why you’ll always find every class precisely planned and organized to meet and exceed your expectations.

We aim to inspire you and your family toward good health, physical fitness and personal excellence in a welcoming, safe, and clean environment. Those things are important to you, which means they’re equally important to us.

In 2017 to align ourselves with like minded people, we joined the Caio Terra Association, led by 12 time world champion Caio Terra. We believe, like everyone in CTA that through martial arts we can change lives. To learn more about Summit Martial arts please visit their website here!

  • JOINED CTA 2017